Album: The Grifter's Hymnal

Written by Ray Wylie Hubbard
Snake Farm Publishing (SESAC)

So here we are now, guitars and drums
High and lowdown just some dharma bums
Gate mouth would tell you rehearsal’s overrated
Baptists will tell you it’s all predestinated

Between the devil and God
Between the first breath and last
Somewhere under heaven
With no future and a hell of a past
We in the mud and scum of things, moaning, crying, lying
At least we ain’t Lazarus and had to think twice about dying
At least we ain’t Lazarus and had to think twice about dying

So here we are now, still preceding grace
We ain’t easy to look at and keep a straight face
Inspired by Rimbaud, ain’t angelic
Influenced by the dead, just gets you psychedelic

So here we are now kinda like abandoned dogs
Wrapped up in Gunnysacks and singing cast iron songs
We’re weird old America
We’re grinning with sharp teeth
We’re beautiful on the surface and rotten underneath

RWH: vocals, acoustic guitar
Billy Cassis: acoustic slide guitar
Rick Richards: drums with bird feeder, hand clap

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