Bad Trick

Bad Trick


Don’t get any on you if you go to Nashville

Don’t operate machinery if you on Benadryl

Got to have some faith when you in the lion’s den

And everybody turns a bad trick now and then


Club soda don’t always remove ketchup stains

Ain’t nothing you can take gonna cure a migraine

Broken dreams is a premise in “of mice and men”

And everybody turns a bad trick now and then


You got to have some scars if you wanna be a poet

To get weeds out of a garden, you got to hoe it

Possession with intent will get you 5 to 10

And everybody turns a bad trick now and then


Most gamblers know they’ll never break even

There’s 5 stages to go through when you’re grieving

The sword is always bloodier than the pen

And everybody turns a bad trick now and then


Dancing is promiscuous after midnight

It’s better to be content than have to always be right

You can’t fix a broken heart with a bobby pin

And everybody turns a bad trick now and then

Rock Gods

Rock Gods


I stood in disbelief and wondered when the madness is gonna be done

The grievous tears come upon me in consequence of Route 91

Then I was in a studio and once again I broke down and cried

A voice come on my headphones and told me Tom Petty died


Ain’t nobody left to sing the blues the way they supposed to be sung

Everybody’s talking, no body’s listening..It’s like we just speaking in tongues

There’s a beauty that we witness when standing in a sacred place

Yet looking at the disarray elsewhere you think maybe God’s run out of grace


All the rock gods are dead or dying

Seems the whole world is broken and crying

It is more than prayers we are needing

We’re all on a cross, alone and bleeding

Hey engineer can you take it back

This train is coming off the tracks


We were as beautiful as angels

When we were born with virtue and trust

Then our innocence was lost, burned off or turn to rust

We were betrayed by black winged shadows

Rising in the darkness at dusk

Stealing us away from the light, leaving broken toys in the dust

Fast Left Hand

Fast Left Hand


My grandma told my mama this boy gonna be the one

Gonna have a fast left hand same as the seventh son


Then she lit a candle set it on a rabbit’s skull

Touched a 9-volt battery to a wad of steel wool


There’s a fire

There’s a fire

There’s a fire

Burning all the time


I was raised with the Pentecostal believing the word was true

When I was thirteen got a flat top Kalamazoo

Ghosts started howling lightning lit up the dark

Smelt like singed hair when they ignited Joan of Arc




It’s a dimes worth of blues and a left hand with speed

It’s a swarm of yellow jackets or crows pecking sunflower seeds

There’s a storm is coming I don’t need a lightning rod

And I won’t be pushed around bowing to mediocre gods

I always bless my food even if its shredded wheat

I don’t always see the light but I sure nuff feel the heat

Mississippi John Hurt

Mississippi John Hurt


Mississippi John Hurt has laid his burden down

Mississippi John Hurt done laid his burden down

His living soul’s with a loving God, his bones’ in the cold cold ground


Mississippi John Hurt heals me when he sings

Thump that Stella guitar like a wild bird flap her wings


Mississippi John Hurt sing about the candy man

His voice is sweet like bacon sizzling in a frying pan


Mississippi John Hurt’s voice smooth as spinach

Moss was a hardworking man washed in the blood of the cross

Drink Till I See Double

Drink Till I See Double


I can see you are a woman of taste

By your Reba McEntire tattoo

And I love the way you wear your dress

You as hot as cutlass 4-4-2

You impressed me when you went to the jukebox

And played a Boy Named Sue

And you drinking like a sailor on leave

You are a cowboy’s dream come true


I’m gonna drink till I see double

And take one of you home

You look like my kind of trouble

I don’t wanna drink alone

No lasting obligations, we both rolling stones

I gonna drink till I see double

And take one of you home


Now bud didn’t turn me on in urban cowboy, the hot one was wes

You the Motel 6 kind not the Holiday Inn Express

You more a Roberts Western World than the Bluebird Cafe

And you fell off the karaoke stage singing Heavens Just a Sin Away


You got that come hither look like lust eating a saltine cracker

When I saw you in the neon light I thought you was a movie actor

Thank you darling lemme guess The Outlaw Josey Wales

I was thinking Gary Busey lord I need more cocktails




South Dallas give me my scars

Preacher said I was a lost soul

I got a guitar when I was sixteen

So all I can do rock and roll



I’ve lived my life with reckless abandon

When I strap on a guitar I’m still sixteen years old

I’m recording this with Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

We are here by God to rock and roll



Whatcha gonna do when you’re lonely

What gets you through when you bleed

When you lost young forgotten and desperate

Lemme tell you what you need



Caleb is pounding them drums likes he hammering nails

Noah laying down a bass line rattle your soul

Graham playing that lead guitar like he breaking out of jail

Tyler doing playing other lead guitar like he breaking out of jail too



Outlaw Blood

Outlaw Blood


She’s drives a 392 scat pack dodge charger

Her mama’s got a tattoo says ‘free sonny barger’

Her daddy did time for a deal gone bad

Some women is as tough as rehab


Divine retribution don’t cause a flood

There’s more than one use for Vick’s vapor rub

Nirvana was electric when they was unplugged

And some women got the outlaw blood


She got mascara’d eyes and raven black hair

Buys her shoes at Kim’s exotic dance wear

Her favorite guitar player’s Steve Cropper

Says her godfather was Dennis Hopper


She spills over like a Mississippi levee

Knows all the names of the hindu devis (deh vee)

Loves to hear Ashley McBryde sing

Says Jesus is like duct tape, fixes everything


The Hotel California’s either heaven or hell

So is the Amsterdam Prins Hendrik Hotel

We was there at midnight on the sidewalk outside

She said this is where a dope sick angel died



Rattlesnake Shakin’ Women

Rattlesnake Shakin’ Women



First time I saw her I felt like I did at sixteen

That was the last year my thoughts was ever clean

I knew she wasn’t holy like the lady of the lake

The way she was dancing to rattlesnake shake


She come up to me when my band took a break

Little angel on my shoulders whispered she’s a mistake

The woman licked her lips and said let’s go outside

Little devil was whistlin’ I can’t be satisfied


Oh the woman, oh the woman

The woman knows what she do

Oh the woman, oh the woman

The woman just doing what they do


When the woman walk away i could see her tattoo

The ink above her hips read rock and roll hoochie coo

She dangerous as a jail break and fast like a runaway train

Ain’t afraid to speak her mind like Natalie Maines






Now a hummingbird is a little critter

Wings flutter so fast they’s always blurred

They’re beautiful dazzling feisty things

And there’s a guitar called the hummingbird


It’s a square shouldered dreadnaught made by Gibson

Mahogany back and sides, top is spruce

There’s a hummingbird drinking from a trumpet flower

On a pick guard the color of rose mateus


Make a joyful noise unto the lord

That’s from the book of Psalms in the Holy Word

Lord I’m joyful when I’m playing old time gospel

In the key of G on my hummingbird


When the roll is called up yonder

Well now I hope my name is heard

When I pass through the pearly gates

Maybe saint Peter’ll let me bring in my hummingbird


The Messenger

The Messenger

I am wearing old boots with high cuban heels

Our souls they are worn and we stand here by grace

My trousers are torn and my jacket is borrowed

I am wearing my time behind the eyes in my face


I am not looking for loose diamonds

Or pretty girls with crosses around their necks

I don’t want four roses and water

I am not looking for God

I am not looking for sex


I’ve worn out my welcome in certain small circles

In Spanish bordellos and confederate states

But there is an angel in leathers and kindness

Who whispers my name and smiles at my fate


All the true believers are out on the road tonight

And no matter what happens, you know they’ll be okay

And to the rock and roll gypsies may the last song you sang

Be by Mr. Van Zandt down in old Santa Fe


Now I have a mission and a small code of honor

To stand and deliver by whatever measures

And the message I give you is by this old poet

He said, “Our fears are like dragons guarding our most precious treasures.”


I am not looking for loose diamonds

Or pretty girls with crosses around their necks

I don’t want four roses and water

I am not looking for God

I just want to see what’s next.