Fast Left Hand

Album: Co-Starring

Fast Left Hand


My grandma told my mama this boy gonna be the one

Gonna have a fast left hand same as the seventh son


Then she lit a candle set it on a rabbit’s skull

Touched a 9-volt battery to a wad of steel wool


There’s a fire

There’s a fire

There’s a fire

Burning all the time


I was raised with the Pentecostal believing the word was true

When I was thirteen got a flat top Kalamazoo

Ghosts started howling lightning lit up the dark

Smelt like singed hair when they ignited Joan of Arc




It’s a dimes worth of blues and a left hand with speed

It’s a swarm of yellow jackets or crows pecking sunflower seeds

There’s a storm is coming I don’t need a lightning rod

And I won’t be pushed around bowing to mediocre gods

I always bless my food even if its shredded wheat

I don’t always see the light but I sure nuff feel the heat