Outlaw Blood

Album: Co-Starring

Outlaw Blood


She’s drives a 392 scat pack dodge charger

Her mama’s got a tattoo says ‘free sonny barger’

Her daddy did time for a deal gone bad

Some women is as tough as rehab


Divine retribution don’t cause a flood

There’s more than one use for Vick’s vapor rub

Nirvana was electric when they was unplugged

And some women got the outlaw blood


She got mascara’d eyes and raven black hair

Buys her shoes at Kim’s exotic dance wear

Her favorite guitar player’s Steve Cropper

Says her godfather was Dennis Hopper


She spills over like a Mississippi levee

Knows all the names of the hindu devis (deh vee)

Loves to hear Ashley McBryde sing

Says Jesus is like duct tape, fixes everything


The Hotel California’s either heaven or hell

So is the Amsterdam Prins Hendrik Hotel

We was there at midnight on the sidewalk outside

She said this is where a dope sick angel died