Rattlesnake Shakin’ Women

Album: Co-Starring

Rattlesnake Shakin’ Women



First time I saw her I felt like I did at sixteen

That was the last year my thoughts was ever clean

I knew she wasn’t holy like the lady of the lake

The way she was dancing to rattlesnake shake


She come up to me when my band took a break

Little angel on my shoulders whispered she’s a mistake

The woman licked her lips and said let’s go outside

Little devil was whistlin’ I can’t be satisfied


Oh the woman, oh the woman

The woman knows what she do

Oh the woman, oh the woman

The woman just doing what they do


When the woman walk away i could see her tattoo

The ink above her hips read rock and roll hoochie coo

She dangerous as a jail break and fast like a runaway train

Ain’t afraid to speak her mind like Natalie Maines