Rock Gods

Album: Co-Starring

Rock Gods


I stood in disbelief and wondered when the madness is gonna be done

The grievous tears come upon me in consequence of Route 91

Then I was in a studio and once again I broke down and cried

A voice come on my headphones and told me Tom Petty died


Ain’t nobody left to sing the blues the way they supposed to be sung

Everybody’s talking, no body’s listening..It’s like we just speaking in tongues

There’s a beauty that we witness when standing in a sacred place

Yet looking at the disarray elsewhere you think maybe God’s run out of grace


All the rock gods are dead or dying

Seems the whole world is broken and crying

It is more than prayers we are needing

We’re all on a cross, alone and bleeding

Hey engineer can you take it back

This train is coming off the tracks


We were as beautiful as angels

When we were born with virtue and trust

Then our innocence was lost, burned off or turn to rust

We were betrayed by black winged shadows

Rising in the darkness at dusk

Stealing us away from the light, leaving broken toys in the dust