The River Bed

Album: Crusades of the Restless Knights

The River Bed


I come down to the river

And I watched the sun go down

And I feel the earth shiver

And the darkness come circlin’ round


I swore I would not come here

And I know I should not stay

Any thoughts heaven born I have

I choose to cast them away


She appears by the water

In the light of a quarter moon

She is dress in lace and velvet

And shades of grays and maroons


She knows without me speakin’

Until I have her I cannot rest

And she smiles as she comes to me

And I lean down and kiss her breast


She rips the cross from my neck

She says “take me down to the river bed”

For once you have had me

You’ll not be satisfied with the undead


We walk into the river

I cannot see the shore

I am baptized in dark waters

And I am hers forever more


Beneath my feet there’s a rumble

In the heavens there are storms

I feel myself sinking into something dark and warm


Written by Ray Wylie Hubbard

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