This River Runs Red

Album: Crusades of the Restless Knights

This River Runs Red


My mama run off with a bible salesman

Daddy didn’t come back from the Korean War

My mama’s mama took me in

To save me from sin

The kind sweet Jesus died for


One day she said were goin to the Kiamishie River

We loaded up in her old blue green Pontiac

Before the next sunrise

We gonna get you baptized

By the way your mama ain’t comin back


When we get to river, a man standin out in water

Dressed up in a suit of clothes old and gray

There was people standin round

Okies glory bound

He raised up his head and begins to pray

This river runs red, this river runs red, this river runs red like Jesus’ blood

Gonna raise up the dead, gonna raise up the dead, gonna raise up these old bones from the cold, cold mud


Let me tell you he said about revelations

Chariots of fire and a Promised Land

Being washed in the blood of the lamb

Your soul being goddamned

Repent, for the kingdom is at hand


Then them people started shoutin hallelujah

Come on come on sweet heavenly host

Old women began to cry

Throwin their hands up to the sky

It was a full tilt rapture of the Holy Ghost




Now me I got baptized that Sunday

I guess it didn’t take as I look back

When I turned 15 I just seemed to get mean

And I stole my mama’s mama Pontiac



I took me drive up to the south side of Tulsa

Satisfied and moved in with a woman called sweet Loraine

Talkin tough and breakin rules

Being hip slick and cool

And by 25 I was dealin a little cocaine


My luck run out one night in Knoxville

Not less than 5 more than 10 a judge said

Now it happens every night

When they turn out the lights

I can’t stop the voices in my head




Written by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Mt. Kharma Music (ASCAP)

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