Dust of the Chase

Album: Delirium Tremolos

Dust of the Chase



Said I come down from Oklahoma with a pistol in my boot

A pair of dice, a deck of cards, and a bible in my suit

I come here as the cause of tears, just a cryin’ shame

Seven stud or eternal blood, I’m lookin’ for a game


I double crossed the state of Texas and they gave me a little time

I taught myself to double cut the cards and hold scriptures in my mind

I learned to love the tumblin’ die and to believe the word

Tombstones and rollin’ bones, beats anything I ever heard


Patience is a virtue that I don’t possess

And I can’t deny that heaven lies beneath a cotton dress

How small a part of time we share till we hear the sound of wings

I am lost in the dust of the chase that my life brings


I have walked through God’s green pastures, beneath his rich blue skies

I’ve seen the fall of man and the kingdom hidden from their eyes

I have heard the roar of thunder, I felt the lightening bolt

And when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take along Samuel Colt


Every night I kiss the cards and hold them to my breast

And when I see the kind of hearts, I know that I am blessed

And though my eyes are blind sometimes I know there’s something there

So when the time’s at hand and I kill a man I, I say a little prayer