Didn’t Have a Prayer

Album: Eternal & Lowdown

Didn’t Have A Prayer 


I used to take comfort

From the loneliness with whiskey

It tore up my soul

And it turned against me

I stood at the fire with my hand on the knife

Didn’t have a prayer to save my life


I stood at the crossroads with tears in my eyes

I’d come as far as I could bring me

I could not live and I could not die

There was darkness all around me, no sun up in the sky

Didn’ t have a prayer to save my life


I wasn’t looking for something to fall from the sky

I’d come to believe just what I see with my eyes

I wasn’t looking for nothing but love from the start

I need to get me, I got to find me, I got to have me

A little peace in my heart


I stood in spiritual rags

Blinded by the dust of pride

Poisoned by my own cold, cold heart

And the shallow reign of my life

In the distance there was thunder

I saw the lightning strike twice

I threw out a little prayer

I threw out a little prayer

Threw out a little prayer, not expecting a reply




Written By Ray Wylie Hubbard

1994 Snake Farm Publishing (SESAC), Administered by Bug Music