Sugar Cane

Album: Eternal & Lowdown

Sugar Cane




From where I stand it looks like rain off the coast of Louisiana

It’s gonna get bad and wet all the way up to Atlanta

Run tell mama here comes the storm, and put on your flyin’ shoes

Levy’s gonna break and the bottom’s gonna flood

That’ll get you some Delta blues


Might be the devil playin’ a little game

I can’t stand this old rain

Need a little something to ease the pain

Oh Lord have a little mercy on the sugar cane


If the world was the way it was, no God would be required

Now the woman comes along and something is to be desired

There ain’t a lot of praying going on in the houses on St. LaRue

It’s money for the bump and the grind, and that’ll get you some Delta blues


I heard it told, I didn’t see it myself, I guess it could be a lie

I‘ve come to believe it’s the Gospel truth, so help me hope to die

If you want a little more than this old world’s got and don’t care what you lose

Go down to the crossroads, make a little deal and get you some Delta blues




Written by Ray Wylie Hubbard

2000 Mt. Kharma Music (ASCAP) Administered by Bug Music