Three Days Straight

Album: Eternal & Lowdown

Three Days Straight



I’m going down to the police station

Just go on and turn myself in

For all the bad things I been doing

Then maybe I won’t do ‘em again

7 old dogs in the backyard

6 cat gut strings on an old guitar

3 days straight I been puttin’

Everything I own in an old mason jar


I went down to the mobile depot

Wanted to see Mr. Garfields’ train

All I saw was people cryin’

Creosote smoke and falling rain

7 last words to the faithful

6 shades of gray on a piece of wood

3 days straight I been sinking,

I ain’t been doing what I should


I went down to see the fortuneteller,

Gonna get my future read

She looked at my hand, said “It’s bad”

Crossed her eyes and fell back dead

7 miles as the crow flies

6 black birds flying somewhere

3 days straight I been thirsty, it’s gettin’ to where I don’t care


So I been standing in muddy water

Waitin’ for the sun to shine

I ain’t been doin’ what I ought to

Ol’ crystal ball don’t sympathize


7 x 7 is 49

6 x 9 is 54

3 days straight I been thinkin’,

Well I ain’t gonna do that no more


Written By Ray Wylie Hubbard

2000 Mt. Kharma Music (ASCAP), Administered by Bug Music