Album: Growl



When the sun comes up Mama’s singing “Ain’t no cane on the Brazos”

The sun goes down she’s moved on to “Rise up poor Lazarus

Daddy comes in in a gabardine suit says “Go fire up the rocket

He throws me the keys to the 88 and slips some dice in his pocket


Shakin’ them bones

Shakin’ them bones

Shakin’ them bones

Ah baby needs a new pair of shoes


We drive out of town across the river to this club called Three Deuces

We walk in and my daddy says “I’m feelin’ my juices

There’s a crap game going on in the back room and right off he throws a seven

He says “Let it ride” and with the devil’s good graces the old man throws an eleven




He throws Little Joe from Kokomo, and a Fever in the Funk house

Eighter from Decatur, and the Preachers in the Whorehouse

Now there ain’t no gamblin’ or loud talk on the streets of glory

The losers say roll them dice and the winners tell smutty stories

It seems all the money in the civilized world is bet on his next toss

And he’s praying to them gambling gods for a Neener Ross on a Faughtin Hoss




Now when the sun comes up mama’s singing “Fattening frogs for snakes”

Me and daddy walk in and he says “Hey baby we had what it takes”

“You also had some loaded dice” mama says and she kisses him

“And I’m just glad I didn’t have to get you out of the criminal judicial system”






RWH-Vocal, Resonator Slide (F Tuning)

Gurf Morlix-Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocal, Jug

Rick Richards-Towel on Timbale, Really loose snare drum



Words & Music Written by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Mt. Kharma Music (ASCAP) 2002 ©

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