No Lie

Album: Growl

No Lie


Savannah she stands in the door, she’s lookin’ cool and southern

She asks me if I want some, and I said “I can’t take another one”

I said “I can’t see to find my stuff, offer some help I’ll except I”

She said “Your guitar’s out in the back of the truck where you left it”.


It’s no lie

It’s no lie

It’s no lie babe

I got to quit gettin’ high


I must have been cursed by a woman at one time

That would explain my luck

I was arrested on the 4th of July, was something about my conduct

When I got out I went downtown to try to find Mr. Foley

He’s an ornery son of a bitch but his songs is almost holy.




Now Jesus is on the mainline is what Mr. McDowell tells me

When I hear him sing that song, words fail me


Ms. Williams tells me that Jesus turned the water into wine

You’d think somebody could do something like that

Would be a friend of mine.






RWH-Vocal, Electric Guitar

Rick Richards-Drums

Gurf Morlix-Bass, Electric Guitars








Words & Music Written by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Mt. Kharma Music (ASCAP) 2002 ©

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