Rock-n-Roll is a Vicious Game

Album: Growl

Rock –N-Roll Is A Vicious Game                                                  


When a boy picks up a guitar he learns the girls come around

And he sees things heat up when he gets his licks down

So now he believes in these mythological gods, Lightning and Muddy

And then he starts up a band and things start to get bloody


Rock and roll is a vicious game

Rock and roll is a vicious game



And now the band starts gigging at these nights club where there always a sinister element

And they seem to have forgotten all about God and the New Testament

And all the kids say these guys are hotter than Nine Inch Nails

And the major record deal has now become the holy grail




Now a hot shot producer comes along and they all sign on the dotted line

And they go in the studio and now it’s just a matter of time

And they tour Europe and they get drunk on stage but in England they think that’s cool

And back in the states the critics sit up and start to drool




So now it’s tattoos and piercings and leather and groupies and gophers

Managers and agents, lawyers, publicists, and chaueffers

And the party’s never gonna end as far as any one can see

And then the friendly stranger shows up and says the first one’s free




And now the band has become the darlings of the media they’re all the rage

And there’s hysteria at public appearances and fistfights backstage

It seems the gods have smiled upon the band, have embraced them well

So now it’s carte blanche baby cause money talks even in hell

And now comes ER’s and stomach pumps and machines that kick start the heart

And the band breaks up and the bass player OD’s as the album reaches number one on the Billboard chart





RWH-Vocal, Electric Guitar

Gurf Morlix-Bass, Acoustic Rhythm, Electric & Twelve String Electric, Vocal

Rick Richards-Drums



Words & Music Written by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Mt. Kharma Music (ASCAP) 2002 ©

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