Stolen Horses

Album: Growl

Stolen Horses


I’ll be riding stolen horses when you don’t see me no more

I’ll be riding stolen horses on some distant shore


Now reincarnation as I understand it is birth, death and rebirth

Unless we get enlightment, full tilt enlightment

We come back down here on earth

And I suppose when we leave here, that we go to some celestial realm

And in one of these Heaven’s there might be horses

And if there is I’m gonna steal me a few of them.




Now there’s little demons on Hindu temples

Above the door and all around

What that says is we get past what scares us

And we can stand on sacred ground

So don’t be cryin’ when I’m done breathing,

The way I’m living, I’ll be back again

So close your eyes and see me riding

Some stolen horses in the wind.




RWH-Vocal, Resonator Slide

Gurf Morlix-Vocal, Bass, Mandocello, Acoustic Rhythm, Acoustic Lead, Tambourine

Rick Richards-Drums





Words & Music Written by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Mt. Kharma Music (ASCAP) 2002 ©

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