Dead Thumb King

Album: Tell the Devil I'm Gettin' There as Fast as I Can

Dead Thumb King

Written by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Snake Farm Publishing (SESAC)

Administered by BMG/Chrysalis



I got some dirt from Lightnin’ Hopkins grave

And some bones from an old black crow

Got a rattle snake tail inside my guitar

Got a mullein cigarette & double six domino


I got a mercury dime and a 2 dollar bill

And a bouquet of nine black roses

Got 4 thieves vinegar in a mason jar

And I swear by the seven books of Moses


Got an Indian head penny made in a leap year

Took in a mean eyed cat I named her Snakebite

Red devil lye’s buried at the 4 corners of my house

Got a mouth harp throw’d away by Charlie Musselwhite


That’s working the root at the crossroads

Is bona fide conjuring as all get out

Stand aside less qualified

I am the dead thumb king lest ye doubt


I drink jimson weed, sulphur and honey

I never cut my hair in broad daylight

I wash my hands in two jacks extract

Come dark I light a candle to Saint Expedite


I got a rooster claw nailed to my front door

And a prayer candle on my window sill

I sleep with a woman who can cuss in French

She spins a pinwheel of feathers and daffodils