God Looked Around

Album: Tell the Devil I'm Gettin' There as Fast as I Can

God Looked Around

Written by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Snake Farm Publishing (SESAC)

Administered by BMG/Chrysalis



God looked around

Didn’t see nothing

Said, ‘well, shucks let there be light’


So up come the sun

Bright as all get out

Then he split it up into day & night


God looked around

Wasn’t much to look at

So he fabricated heaven and earth


So now there’s solid ground

Divvied up by the waters

Said well there it is for what its worth


He gave wings to birds

So they’d fly in the air

And legs for critters walking on the ground


Allocated fish to the water

And beasts to the fields

And creeping things to crawl around


God looked around

Didn’t see no one

Reached down and picked up some dust


Then he spit on it

Kneaded it like bread dough

And a man rose up full-grown as such


God looked at this man

Saw he was lonely

Said go to sleep, guess I ain’t done


He pried out one of his ribs

Slapped some hide around it

There was two now where once there’s one


He gave it some curves

And lips red as cherries

And ravishing curly raven hair


The man he woke up

And looked at the woman

Said good oh lord you done answered my prayers


Now things was righteous

When a snake walked up

Said hey women take a bite of this


You’ll be smart as God

And you’ll live forever

You’d be foolish to resist


The woman said no way

‘Don’t eat from that tree,”

Those was God’s very own words


Oh but the snake sweet talked her

And the woman took a bite

Then realized she’s naked as a jaybird


The woman went to the man

And he took a taste

I’m undraped he proclaimed


They heard God a coming

And they went and hid

Cause they was naked and ashamed


Well God found ’em

Said you ate forbidden fruit

The woman cried the snake duped me I was tempted


God said I told not to

And since you disobeyed

Your time in paradise is ended


So God cast ’em out

Dooming us all to die

That’s why its the way it is


God said to the snake

You done talking and walking

That’s why to this day they slither and hiss