South of the River

Album: The Grifter's Hymnal

Written by Ray Wylie Hubbard
Snake Farm Publishing (SESAC)

Wake that thing up and put some clothes around it
You lost your prescription, I found it
You need some good rocking, nothing painful
Like my friends, The Heathens and Black Angels

It’s a good night for rocking, south of the river
It’s a good night for rocking with a band that delivers
It’s a good night for rocking, deep in the south
It s a good night for rocking, putting something in your mouth

Aw, child you shoulda heard the James Gang rides again
It was like shootin’ salvation and funk into your soul back then
There’s some homicidal bands that still rock like that
They’ll cut your throat with bass, drums, Les Pauls and Strats

Wake that thing up and make sure it’s bleeding
The tubes are warmed up and I got what you’re needing
Now there’s some risk seeing we dress like thieves
We are among the righteous, the ones who believe

RWH: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Rick Richards: drums, tambourine
Brad Rice: electric guitar, bass
Ian McLagan: piano

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